Meet The Band

Christopher Parrish

Lead Singer – Rhythm Guitar

Christopher Parrish a.k.a. “Mr. Frequency” is a natural born singer. Some people just have that gift. Many lead vocalist have to work and work to make their voices sound great. Christopher is not one of those. There’s nothing difficult about it for him, he just does it. Singing has been part of his life since a child. He has a unique ability to sound just like any artist he wants to portray. When asked, “How in the world do you do that?” His reply was, “ Since being a kid I’ve always done impersonations of different actors in movies.” That skill obviously has transcended over to his singing ability. He has a unique style all his own but if you would ask him to sing a song by AC/DC and close your eyes you’d swear Brian Johnson was in the room. Same thing for Prince and many other artists. A singer with that talent is a rare breed. He’s a true artist in every sense of the word. That’s what’s given him the right to be the voice of The Frequency.

Marlon Scott

Rhythm and Lead Guitars/Backup Vocals

Marlon Scott, otherwise known as “The Urge” hails from Erie Pennsylvania. Marlon came to reside at Smith Mountain Lake in 2005 where he found himself thrown into a totally new culture and music scene. He mentions, “I came from a place where there’s a pub or club on about every street corner, a city where you could catch one of thirty to forty different bands on any given weekend. Things were drastically different here. I knew I would have to make adjustments. I found it hard to find cats that wanted to play let alone make the sacrifices it takes to be a member of a rock-n-roll band. That all changed when I met Chris Parrish and Brian Murphy.” Scott quickly joined forces with Parrish and Murphy and along the way found Josh Stegall and Dan Altic to form The Frequency. Marlon’s musical influences range from The Beatles, Led Zepplin, Van Halen and he grew up on 80’s radio. His unique playing style adds edge and color to the dynamic vocals of Parrish. In his off time he can be found in a shop restoring a vintage motorcycle and listening to opera great Luciano Pavarotti.

Dan Altic


Dan “Danomite” Altic started playing bass after hearing Paranoid by Black Sabbath and The Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin at age 16. He’s been playing nonstop since. He has played in a variety of bands over the years playing Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, Country and Bluegrass. Dan is one of those guys that’s so proficient at the bass he can jump in and play along with most any song a band can throw at him. That skill comes from having thousands of hours practicing under the belt. Band members knew they had found gold halfway through the first song of his audition. He deservedly plays only the highest quality basses available on the market today. His influences are: John Paul Jones, Getty Lee, Chris Squire, Tommy Shannon, Tom Hamilton, Victor Wooten and Bryan Beller. Hobbies are Golden Retrievers, listening to music and learning to play as many songs as possible.

Brian Murphy

Drums/Percussion/Background Vocals

Brian “Murph” Murphy has been behind a drumkit since he was 6 years old. The Irishman grew up in a household where his older sister was playing music from the decades of the 60’s and 70s. After learning the styles of John Bonham, Mitch Mitchell, James Brown and other various artists he began to create a style of his own. He plays with a strong single kick pedal style and is able to keep an infectious groove driving and it becomes irresistible to dance to. Since starting his career in the 90’s he’s shared the stage with Dicky Betts, internationally acclaimed blues guitarist Joe Bonamasa, blues artist Walte Trout and Skeeter Brandon and Highway 61. Don’t let his off stage laid back persona fool you. When the “Mighty Murph” gets behind the kit his ancestors in Ireland can hear and feel the thunder! Solid as a rock, and he does it like it’s nobody’s business but his. He is the backbone of The Frequency’s sound.

Josh Stegall

Keyboards, harmonica, backup vocals

During the Covid doldrums The Frequency began looking for a Keyboard player that could sing so they could expand on their musical horizons. Finding the right musician was essential. Finding a good keyboard player that can sing and is willing to take on the commitment a successful band requires is an exceptionally hard task. Guess what?….We did it. Josh Stegall joined The Frequency in 2020 as the band’s keyboardist. At a very young age Josh had a strong passion for a variety of music and began his carrier hammering away at his family’s upright piano whenever he had the chance. Not only does Josh play keys, sing backup vocals, he also plays guitar and bass as well. Being a naturally gifted singer he toured during his college years with Bluefield College’s “Variations” which promoted Bluefield and their music program. He most recently played bass for the band Not So Bluegrass. Josh’s influences are Leonard Cohen and he often finds himself listening to indie music. He has now returned to rediscover the rock-n-roll music from his younger years with The Frequency. Josh Stegall is the perfect fit at the perfect time. Did we mention he can sing like a bird?